Research Projects

Projects Overview


Whether it’s air quality, climate change, wetlands, water, or mountain town revitalization, MSI has been hard at work bringing research and planning expertise to our region and applying the results through education, outreach, and on-the-ground projects.

MSI’s program is stakeholder-driven, meaning that it is motivated by the needs of the policy makers, environmental managers, scientists, community planners, educators, business managers, conservation professionals, and community members – that have a stake in the health of our environment.

Through communication with agencies, organizations, and individuals from within our region and beyond, MSI developed five interconnected themes to guide its activities. These themes, described below (and in the Program Desciption PDF), were designed within a “systems approach” focusing on the critical interactions among air, water, land, organisms, and people.

An integral part of this program is outreach to translate and deliver results to stakeholders to allow informed discussion and decision-making.

MSI’s activities occur across elevations from the high alpine to the semi-arid foothills, woodlands, and range that make up the San Juan Mountain region. MSI projects also occur within the communities we serve. Many other mountain regions and communities face the same challenges as the San Juans. In this regard, MSI’s work has broader application across the Four Corners, Southern Rocky Mountains, western United States, and globally.