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Connecting for Conservation

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Upcoming Events

June 14th - Citizen Science Forest Monitoring: Learn from regional experts about how to measure forest health and what it means to your community. Pagosa Springs, CO

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June 26th -27th - Forests to Faucets: A teacher training. Hands on watershed science for the class room and field activities. Dolores, CO

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The Mountain Studies Institute is an independent not-for-profit mountain research and education center established in 2002 in Silverton, CO. MSI develops science that people can use to address environmental issues facing the San Juan Mountains. We conduct and facilitate research, provide educational opportunities and internships, and conduct environmental monitoring. We connect scientists and stakeholders across the San Juan Mountain region to go beyond scientific inquiry to the meaningful application of knowledge that makes a difference for the quality of the environment.

Please note that are website is under construction. This site is a temporary placeholder until our new site is online.  If you have any questions regarding resources that were available on our previous site, please email info@mountainstudies.org for more information.